FIFA 08 is perhaps one of the best sports game ever created
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FIFA 08 is perhaps one of the best sports game ever created. As the name suggests, it is soccer game, and a good one if you ask me. The franchise started back in the year 1993 on the Sega genesis. Since then, this game has been improving in almost every aspect possible. With the latest improvements in technology, this games is able to deliver a high quality simulation of soccer. The graphics are without any doubt the best in a soccer game ever. But this game does not only offer great, sharp graphics, it also boasts superior game play and atmosphere. It's strongest competitor, the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise has been well-known for its gameplay, but I dare to say that, in this year's face-off, FIFA 08 takes the prize. The game features real-world stadiums and teams. Every player is licensed in FIFA 08, unlike some nameless players that all Pro Evolution Soccer fans have always played with. So, in short, if you are already a fan of the FIFA franchise, go ahead and try this one, you won't be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you have never played this game, try it, too. The demo of this game features several real-world stadiums and two teams.

José Fernández
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IND0N32I4N H4CK3R Is this a demo version or full version?

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Guest #15330622 Simple, clean interface. Gets screen capture and basic image editing tasks done quickly.

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